Dé Céadaoin, Nollaig 21, 2005

What to write and what to read...

I’ve been at a loss lately as to what to write here. I thought long and hard about writing about the things that really tee me off this time of year, but being that it is Advent, and I really would rather be happy about all of this I’ll refrain. It would have been a hilarious post, and maybe once we’re into the New Year I’ll come back to it. I’ve been busy lately as well. Christmas is a very buys season in the church, and so I’ve been running around making sure everything gets done like it should. I’ve glad I got into the city last week and have no really reason to go back in this week, seeing that the transit workers are on strike. I’d say something about that, but instead I’ll say Happy holidays and I’m glad it’s not me. Ok, one thing that really bother’s me right now and then I’ll move on. There are several retail store being boycotted, or suited right now. Why, you might ask? Because, well meaning Evangelicals have thought it necessary to do so that’s why. I guess we don’t have enough to keep ourselves busy with at the moment, it being Christmas and all, that we need to boycott SECULAR establishments about not putting the word “Christmas” into their add. I know it says in Revelation that every knee will bow and every tongue confess, but I don't think it was talking about Walmart and their not putting the Christmas into the add campaign. I think we've gotten off the path here and ventured into idiocy. Now if a church did somthing like that I'd be upset, but the last I checked Walmart doesn't sell morals with the mac and cheese, and target did put Jesus on any of there Fall fashions. Come on guys, give it a rest. Lets remember who we are, we're not militant we're penitent, or at least we should be. There I said it.
The real reason I'm writing this because I've decided to create a reading list for myself for the next year, or at least the next 6 months. I've been book shoping along with my christmas shoping and have a few titles already but could use some tips on what to look for. So...Those of you who read, and I know who you are, give me somethings to look for. I'm up for anything, fiction and non-fiction, Classics, contemporary, Philosophy, Religion, Music, really almost anything. So speak up, tell me what your favorite book is, and I'll if I can add it to my list. Give me your top ten, anything you want. Thanks everybody.


elizabeth said...

Read?!? who does that?

Amy said...

Combs, I love this post. First because it resonates with me--I too have been silent on the blog the last week or so, just at a loss as to what to write.

Second, because I think your thoughts about the retail boycotts are wonderfully concise and cut right to the heart of the matter. Love the line "we're not militant we're penitent."

Third, I'm a bookworm. So I would love to give you some recommendations. Off the top of my head...

"East of Eden" by Steinbeck (it is slow at first...and a very long book...but STICK WITH IT! I think you'd really like it)

"Humility: True Greatness" by C.J. Mahaney

the A.D. Chronicles series by Bodie and Brock Thoene (4 books currently out--Christian historical fiction set in Christ's time, each book written from the perspectives of more peripheral characters in the Gospels--the richness of the Jewish history and culture they bring out is unmached)

Ted Dekker's Black/Red/White series. Set aside the "this is bizarre, what the heck is going on?" feeling for the first few chapters and you'll be hooked.

"Too Small to Ignore," Wess Stafford (it's probably not what you will expect--I was expecting a simple manifesto of why children matter...instead Stafford tells stories of his childhood in Africa and SHOWS what he means to drive the point home rather than telling. excellent.

were you in my C.S. Lewis class? If not, "Perelandra" is an interesting read...again, kind of hard to get into but worth it to persevere.

any of Randy Alcorn's stuff

"Tender Warrior," Stu Weber (one of Steve's all-time favorites which I read and also loved)

you've probably read it, but I liked Don Miller's "Searching for God Knows What" better than "Blue Like Jazz"

Well...that should keep you busy for a while :) If you want more mainstream stuff, check out Time Magazine's list of top 100 novels since 1920:

Hope that helps!

Merry Christmas! take care!