Dé Luain, Aibreán 03, 2006

Alone in the dark...

This is becoming a disturbing trend. Last thursday I sent another 4 and a half hours in a car just so I could get to a wedding. Now I know this soulds rather benine, and it is except for the fact that I didn't leave until 11pm (and that after being up since 8am). It's rough driving through the night, especially when I don't have Amy to talk to and make fun of the signs for Schenectady. Now I'm not complaining. I could have easily left early on friday and made it to the rehearsal just fine, but there were other things that I needed/wanted to do while I was home. Like I said, this is becoming a rather disturbing trend with me and weddings. Let me just give a run down:
John and Jennie Gregory - Traved some 2,400+ miles over four days, alone in my car.
Nate and Maria Lail - After traveling from hanover, PA to marion. I traveled about 1000 miles in 24 hours (to Eau Claire and back to marion).
Steve and Amy Kannel - Hanover to Bryan, OH (I think that's were I was). Three days, stopped in Marion on the way back...not exactly the same direction. aproximatly three weeks after Nate and Maria's wedding.
Keith and Hidie Bortner - this was last thursday.
Lets face it, I love you guys and would drive to Antarctica if that's where you were getting married, nobody get any funny ideas.
Alone as I was, my mind, like normal, started to run away with me. Fortunatly it can't go far becuase I'm in my car...right. Anyway, I started thinking about all of my late nights, which started me thinking about the summer I traveled with BK, and it was all down hill from there. No, it was great for a chance to remember thinks I havn't thought of in a while. People I haven't thought of. It was great remembering everything from that summer on the road. The odd thing was that I found my pictures from that summer completly by accident on saturday. I put some faces to names and memories that I had gone through and remember things that I had completly forgotten until I saw the picture. Even so there were a few pictures that just drew blanks. I'm sure they were important at the moment, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what they were suppposed to be. So, contrary to the rather foreboding title of this blog it's a rather happy one. One of my great friends from my home church got married, I got to be there, a little worst for wear but I was there, and as I sat in the dark speeding toward somthing that has been known to throw me into introspective melancholy I remembered what I truly consider one of the best spent three months of my life. I would live them over in a heart beat. Jon, Amy, Steph, Tim, and Jon (Peter) I don't know if I ever thanked you for laughing at me (like when I got pulled over and played "who sir? Me sir?" with the cop), being angry at me, letting me laugh with you (Get Down, Jaun Carlos!!), keeping me a wake, keeping me going, letting me drive all the time (even if you didn't like sitting shotgun with me, Pete), generally having a little fun (like convicing the whole of East Michigan Family camp that I was from Ireland), and letting me laugh at you (why else would you spill stuff all over yourself every time you ate?). It was great reminiscing even if I was alone in my car. Where else would I be? Everyone knows that "I should be the one behind the wheel."


Amy said...

oh Aaron...thanks for making me laugh out loud not once but several times...I am still sitting here grinning at your little trip down memory lane :)

I just looked at my scrapbook from that summer not too long ago, and was nostalgic for those fun times. In fact, just for fun, here are the top ten (or so) things NOT to say to the U.S. customs agent when crossing the Canadian border. This will not be funny to anyone else who reads this blog, but who cares--it's YOUR blog :)

13. Jesus loves you, and salvation is duty-free!
12. Boy, the Canadian agents are a lot nicer than you guys.
11. The hemp is just for making crafts at camp.
10. We're the championship chess team from IWU.
9. Is it really illegal to bring Cuban cigars into the U.S.? Hypothetically, I mean...
8. Would you like to buy an IWU t-shirt?
7. What if I was in the Navy and I was a bombadier? Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb ba-bomb bomb!
6. We're just traveling around the country teaching kids to play Mafia.
4. Do you want to see our gun show?
3. Keep your head down, Juan Carlos!
2. Your MOM's a U.S. citizen!
1. Well, and you have a nice day too, Officer Crankypants!

:) those still make me laugh! I can remember few times I was ever as giddy as I was riding shotgun with you driving to Albany until 3 am...

also, one of my favorite jokes from that summer: Pete's exasperated comment as he tried to make a joke about your mom: "I can't fit your mom in anywhere!"

well anyway, I'll stop hijacking your blog now :) thanks for the memories and for your friendship! and for driving to--and singing at--my wedding! it meant a lot!

p.s. I didn't spill on myself EVERY time I ate. just most of the time. but I still occasionally think of you when I do that now :)

Combs said...

you can hijack my blog anytime. I was actually trying to remember the rest of that list the other night anyway. I did leave out one of my favorite memories though, and didn't remember until I found a picture of all of us staring at our trailor hanging off the end of the ferry with it's corner in the water as we're desperatly trying to leave Caton's Island. I had to laugh again at that, though I don't remember being very impressed at the moment. But then with a 16 hour drive to start and saying good by to Evidence, you can't really expect much.

Amy said...

you know, I thought for sure I had a picture of that poor trailer in the water, but it's not in my scrapbook. I was so sad when I discovered it wasn't there.

"desperate to leave Caton's Island" sums it up, anyway ;) then there was singing at your church on three or four hours' sleep, followed by another 16 hour day of driving back to IWU...ah, ministry teams :)