Dé Céadaoin, Eanáir 03, 2007

The Days God answers prayer...

Aaron wasn't having the best of times. Oh times were good, but he just didn't feel right. There was just so much on his mind and not that many people to talk too. With Grad school weighing hard, and his thoughts on friends he'd not talk to in a while, and several other things that just didn't seem to be working out, he didn't think he had much to smile about. Even Christmas seemed to get him down, which just mad him angrier than he was before. In fact nothing seemed to cheer him up, nothing. So he had one of his legendary chats with God. Aaron got angry, and questioned away. But then just like always...God said nothing. You see God know's that Aaron just needs time to let it out, so He lets him vent. So after a couple of days Aaron finally got to the point and asked God for something good to happen, nothing big, just something good.

A couple of days went by and Aaron wasn't feeling any better. But then Aaron went to work and found out that the company was making some changes. Aaron was suddenly worried, for obvious reasons. His boss quickly reassured that the only change that he needed to make was back over to the retail store so he could start learning his new position. Aaron smiled. That evening Aaron took a run and felt good that he was keeping up with it, so he smiled again. Then he had a long conversation with a friend on line, and he smiled even more. But then today...Oh today...

Aaron was just walking by the snack machine when suddenly he noticed a yellow wrapper he'd not seen in two years. Could it be, could it truly be his long lost love. He didn't want to believe, he had prayed, but couldn't have imagined something this good. There gleaming like a jewel, dead center in the machine was something very precious. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Coffee Crisp.

It was unbelievable. They didn’t exist outside of Canada, he was sure of it. He had never seen one in the U.S. that he hadn’t brought back himself. Aaron beamed, and hungrily reached into his pocket. But what he pulled out did not make him happy.

Things couldn’t be that bad. Coffee Crisp insight, and Aaron couldn’t even buy one. This was going to be a bad day, but Aaron stopped to think. Maybe this didn’t have to be a bad day, but how?

Then Aaron had and idea.He had to go to the post office at lunch, so he could stop at the bank on the way back. The plan couldn’t be simpler. So he walked away and waited until he could go to lunch. Everything went well. His training went smoothly and he had such a good day. As he left for the day he passed the snack machine one last time, and reached into his pocket.

Not only did he have enough change to buy one Coffee Crisp.

He had enough to buy two.

I’m a simple man, with simple pleasures. Earth, sky, water, friends and good food.


Amy said...

Best. Post. Ever.

priceless. from the title to the photos, the second of which made me bust out laughing...and I love that although I couldn't name it as fast as I was reading, I knew immediately what you'd found--"ooh, it's that candy bar he loves from Canada!" I thought :)

elizabeth said...


very funny. I am sure my neighbors heard me laugh (I was that loud). And I knew it was Coffee Crisp, but then I am CANADIAN.

On the same subject I saw a giant size Coffee Crisp tonight. It looked really good. But it stayed at the store.

Have you heard of the online company that ships "only sold in Canada" products around the world?