Dé Sathairn, Aibreán 14, 2007

Words in the Night...

I've always been a night owl. That's when I do my best thinking. Things just seem to come to me after 8pm, and the later it is the better and easier. That's why I have post-its lying around everywhere. Some people use tape recorders, I can't stand the sound of my own voice so I have post-its. That's the premise for the following, written about 1.30am. It kind of woke me up.

a sideways dance
whose partners have lost the way
Blinded by feelings,
but feeling so strongly
no other direction but forward
I can but obey.
And kneeling down
am greeted with silence
and empty faces
Hold poverty to the Soul
and laugh
and scorn
and reason not
Reason is consumed in passion
and passion
Delivers us blind
and leads me
to my own slaughter at my own hands
It would be better to be alone,
but primal striving never ceasing leads me
onward toward you
Never ending struggle
never ending pain
all acceptable
but silent confusion
leaves me here
cold, Alone
and without."
1.30am 4/13/07


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