Déardaoin, Deireadh Fómhair 25, 2007

Harmonious Dischord...

There's nothing quite like trying to lead worship for a youth group. The blank faces, the people talking right in front of you, the adults sitting in the back waiting for everything else to get going, the pastors kid who stares back defiantly daring you to make him do anything. I normally don't care. Normally I just let it slip off my back. Normally I can just ignore it. Tonight though...tonight I'm sure that youth group would exist with out the music. It did before, and there wouldn't be anything different even know. I'm just disappointed is all. I'm not up there to give a concert, and if I was I'd treat it differently. Part of me thinks that maybe I should. Maybe I should treat it like a mini concert...but then I'm playing for them, and I frankly don't care what they think. None of them have very good taste...average high schooler musical taste. No I won't make it a mini concert. It's just frustrating, completely dis hearting, and it makes me wring their fat little necks. They want a mic in front of them, but they won't sing when there out there looking at you. They want to play, and confront you about not calling them and telling them about practices, but they don't show up for youth group...ever. They say they don't sing because they don't know the words, but when the words are put up in front of them they still just stare back at you like you just spit in their food.

I don't know what I can do. I don't know if I want to do anything. I don't know if I can. This is only temporary, but part of me would like to leave something behind. The other part of me wants to do something so shocking that it's scars the lot of them for life. There's this idiotic dichotomy I find in my self. The musician what's praise, for someone to tell him that what he does is good and worth listening too, and for people to enjoy him music. Because the music is apart of him, and to not like the music is to hate him. Then there's the servant...I want nothing more that to do my best, and to lead and play to the best of my ability because I'm doing this for God and the people in front of me. And who cares if they like the music or not because it's not fore them, the music is simply the catalyst for something higher. Bull. The music is the ultimate. It is the conduit for emotion, and in itself has life and breath and can survive beyond the simple rudimentary forms in which the so called pop stars find there fame. Taste via popularity, pure music prostituted into a form that is less than it was ever meant to be. Yes I am an elitist, yes I do think that I have a better ear than the average person out there...

This is my problem. The Musician and the Servant, the two constantly colliding never truly finding common ground. This is my dilemma. Constantly fighting off pride, and trying desperately to stay with in His will. Every time someone stares blankly, every time they refuse to sing, I can't stand it. I just...This is who I am.

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