Dé Sathairn, Meitheamh 02, 2007

Pray for rain...

I sat outside and waited for the rain to come tonight. It's an awesome thing to sit and watch a storm roll in. I remember a long time ago, back before I had bad thoughts about church camp, I stood on the ballfields at camp and watched a storm roll over the mountain and into the valley that the camp was situated in. There are two storms that I remember from my times at camp. This one came over the mountain like a spear. A pointed triangle of a storm pushing up and over the mountain and then spreading out through the valley. I got drenched walking back to the main building. I sat and watched the rain fall until they called us for dinner. I love watching the rain fall. It's the only thing that I've found that is as soothing to me as watching waves roll in from the ocean. Tonight I waited. I waited because I knew it would come. There was no dramatic sky, no long roll of thunder, just a breeze. I sat there and listened for it to come over the house, but it didn't come, at least not from over the house. It happened with out me realizing it, sounding like wind through the trees a the edge of the yard. It came up through the yard, and then it was there. The rain I was waiting for. I took my book inside, came back out and sat until it passed. It was only 15 minutes or so, but it's a huge thing just to sit and watch the rain.

I've been worried about how things are going to work out. I'm not sure how this whole thing is going to work out, and the best plan that I have isn't going to work itself out for another five years or more. I'm not sure I'm happy about this, but I am going to stick with it. But I'm worried, I worry a lot about a lot of things, but not very often about myself. When I worry I start to think to much. I over analyze and scrutinize every little detail of what's going on. Every little conversation, the length, the subject or lack of subject, and who it was with. I'll blow them out of proportion and come to conclusions and assumptions that never had a chance of existing. Then the rain came from somewhere unexpected. I almost missed it, and I heard that voice inside my head. Sometimes it's the calm before the storm that's important, but sometimes you need the rain. Even when you know what's coming you may never know where it's coming from. I love the rain.

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