Dé Sathairn, Samhain 24, 2007

What Church should be...

I don't often have the answer that question. Normally my idea of "church" is vague and even I couldn't tell you what I really think it should be, but this morning it hit me. I've been up all night, I'm exhausted, I've got great news that I should be writing about, but what I just experienced was just too good. We had a youth all-nighter last night, it was fun but I don't want to do another one for a long time. This morning Mark(our youth pastor), Ben, and I, the three leaders for the evening, just started talking. The conversation was one that was long overdue for me. We talked about the church, what we liked, what we didn't like, but eventually the topic changed to theology, actually the question of Free will. It was good, questions firing back and forth, answers to try and support the statements that we were making. We referenced Scripture, Old and New Testaments, we didn't site anything outside of scripture actually. It really exemplified "working out your faith in fear and trembling." It reminded me of the conversations I would have at school with Allison, Morty, Jones, Erica, Jon, Jeff, and all the rest. I never felt like I needed to go to church, because we talked about our faith. We questioned each other, supported each other. I missed that...That's what church is supposed to be.

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