Dé Céadaoin, Feabhra 27, 2008

It just occurred to me that I have once again failed to keep a promise...even if it is just to myself. The "job," heh...it's my job, is great. We opened Daniel and the Lions Den on the 7th of this month, and while I won't say that it's been going swimmingly, I can't say that it's going badly. I would have to imagine that most theaters have the small hiccups that we've had. Honestly I find them kind of nice. They're a break from what could become monotony and they do keep you on your toes. I'm really enjoying myself here in Lancaster. It's not the booming metropolis that I sometime think I would enjoy, but it's not completely dull either. The apartment I moved into is in a slightly nicer section of town a few blocks from Franklin and Marshall College. For me that means hearing college kids walking around most of the night. I like it though, the neighborhood isn't scary, at least to me it's not, and I can park right out front of my door most of the time.

Honestly it's been a very busy two months, between rehearsals, commuting, moving to Lancaster, making new friends, and just getting myself set up it's been a veritable whirl wind of activity. I have pictures of my apartment, but they're on my camera and right now I'm too lazy to even attempt to post them, maybe tomorrow. As far a pictures of work go, I'm not really allowed to take any pictures inside the theatre, so poop on that idea. I got a very part-time job as a tour guide for the theater, but I think I'm going to look for something else to supplement my income. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I'll become more accustomed to my schedule and start to find the many cracks so I can get out and do a few of the things I want to do. I really do love my job, and often find myself sitting on the side stage where I start from and just wondering how in the world I ended up on stage. I'll be honest it was not a goal of mine to be on stage in anyway. Partly because it wasn't something I necessarily wanted to do and, to be very honest, I never thought that I was good enough. It's been an interesting two monthes for my ego. I don't have big roles, and there are times when I'm on stage that the scene could go just as well without me, but simply to be here...to have the opportunity to be on stage...it's beyond a dream. It's beyond what I thought God would do in my life.

You always assume that God has great plans for your life, but you tend to see them in the scope of what you believe is possible. Being on stage was a possiblity for me, I'm not good enough to do this, but here I am, sitting next to a guy who's actually been on broadway, who's traveled with Les Mis and sang as Valjan. I don't do this, but this job makes me wonder. I'm getting back into voice lessons, getting into the gym, and even starting some Ballet classes. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right and better myself. It makes me wonder where I'll be in 5 years. Because I never thought that I would be here. I am in awe, and I want to know more.

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Sandra Leigh said...

Congratulations on your new job! That's fantastic. My grandparents have been there to see Daniel and Noah's Ark with a senior citizen's travel group from OH. They loved the plays! Maybe Kevin and I should come see it sometime! ;)
God bless you!