Dé hAoine, Feabhra 18, 2005

Faith Like a Child

In a devotion earlier this evening, meaning yesterday when it was still today and not tomorrow already, a friend of mine reminded me of a song that I once listened to a great deal. I never really understood all of the song. Faith like a child was the title, Jars of Clay. Still a favorite but not listened to as often as some now. It talks about a girl who, like me grew up in church never questioned it, but later grows up only to notice that things have changed. Now I'm not the most philosphic person ever, but like everyone who goes off to college in persute of knowledge and a good time, I ask my questions sometimes trivial, sometimes a touch more deep. In the past five years I have gone from the newness of fresh faith, to skepticism and near cynicism for some of the practices of the church. In the course of my life I've questioned my life, I've quesitoned my faith, and I've questioned my religion. I don't have many answers. In fact I seem to only have more questions. The more knowledge I gain the lest I realize that I know, and the more I question what I do know. There are days that I wish that I didn't question everything. I wish that I had that faith like a child that the song and my friend talks talked about. I envy people like him who can simply take the Bible what as absolute truth. Instead I sometimes see it as a starting place for an argument. If knowledge is power, why do people with so much knowledge seem to be so powerless. Just food for thought. What is better, to choose faith over knowledge or to choose knowledge over faith? Or can we choose both?

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