Dé Sathairn, Feabhra 12, 2005

The Hellish Weekend

Ok, becuase internet explore freaked out and lost my last post. I'll give you a run down of what was said. I don't have time to write it over.
My Weekend sucked, spent alone. Annoyed with V-day, worst holliday ever, yes I'm single. Couldn't do what I wanted to becuase roommate spending weekend on the phone with girlfriend in Cali, I think i'm going to puke. Life sucks, I hate mine right now. I've looked, I've gone out, I've been a good friend, still no one wants to date/hang out with me. Singleness causing me to be a campus reject, especially becuase of Christian Ministries major. Wanna be pastors leaving without wife a laugable offence. Don't want to be a pastor, missionary life for me. Expecting to travel a great deal, no where to call home. Don't want to drag anyone into this, thats just not fair. My future both excites and scares me.
I think that was it. I'll probably write on this again, the weekends not over yet folks. anyway. Gotta go.

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