Déardaoin, Feabhra 24, 2005

Random Acts of Violence

So my friends and I...ok so morty and I have started a trend of random acts of violence toward each other and the other members of our little group. Now I say we've started it because currently we're the only two implementing the idea. Now for those of you asking, "why not random acts of kindness?" It's simple. It's and overdone, overused concept. We're not talking about slashing tires, breaking windows, or putting knives to peoples throats. No this is just an excersize in the stealthiness of our friends. We're talking about unexpected shots to the arm or side, swift kicks in the rear. And while I could forsee this escalating into a prank war, somthing that I'm not at all object to, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. We're not out to hurt people, just startle them...rattle them a little. We're just looking for a little good, clean, stress releaving fun that all of us are finding in short supply lately. I think Florida will do us all a lot of good. Yes, well still me on tour and maybe not doing exactly what we would like to do, but we will be off campus and in the company of friends. A little sun, a little fun, some good food, and few great experiences, and a little rest. It's definatly deserved by all of the friends in my group. And for those friends who are no longer physically with the group, we wish you were. I hope you are all finding that stress releaf that you need.

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