Dé Luain, Feabhra 21, 2005

Gotta love Sunday Nights

I love nights like last night. Well...Almost. I was "doing homework" in the student center, which basically means I was doing anything but. Talking to friends as they pass by, or eating with them, getting up and walking around. Eventually two friends came and joined me at my table and started talking about the Batchlor party that we want to through for another of our friends. They want to take him camping. A whirl wind trip from Indiana to Yellowstone and back in time for the wedding. I was helping them out with some of the details, even though I won't be able to go. They're leaving the Thursday after graduation and won't be back until after I leave for New Zealand. After we got most of the preliminaries worked out we started talking about trips that we'd love to take. Next May we want to drive to Alaska, hit Glacier N.P., and then maybe Denali and end up in Anchorage. The trip of a life time. Just the four of us that sat there in that booth, taking Justin's car. He wants to retire his car before Grad. school and this would be going out in a blaze of glory. We also talked about driving to the southern most tip of Argentina or Chile and pushing his car off of a cliff. An amazing conversation that really can't be put into words. We were all laughing so loudly that we disrupted several study sessions. Ah-mazing. Simply stunning. I love nights like that. We really didn't get much done, but we all needed some time to just sit back a laugh and plan some fun for the future. We're all "over work and under paid" as I put it the other day. Time to relax has been at a premium lately, and laughter especially seems forced of late. We're all tense. We're all upset to our own degree. We all love the things we're doing, for the most part anyway, but sometimes you just need time away. I glad for all our sakes that Spring Tour this year will be a fairly easier one, compared to previous years. Florida will be a nice change for us all. WE NEED A BRAKE!!!
I said that I enjoyed last night for the most part. I said that simply because, as always happens on this campus, the conversation turned to relationship, which is to be expected when planning a Batchlor party. It also always seems to happen that the conversation will end up pointed in my direction. First because I'm single, but second because I really don't talk about it. I don't talk about people that I know that I "like in that way," mostly because there really is no one at this point in time that I would want to be, or am able to be with. I have lots of friends and am rather satisfied with those relationship. I happened to be talking to a friend online while I was in the middle of conversations about dropping cars of the cliffs of Argentina, and they found out who it was and the next logical step in conversation was, "Combs you should date her." I graciously turned down the thought, it's just not what I want right now. Unfortunately that wasn't good enough for my friends, but thankfully we started talking about the problems of driving to Argentina and the focus was once again off of me. I love my friends. I think they just get excited when I start talking about a women that I know who I talk to and have decent relationship with. God Bless em'.

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